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Military Service, Draft and Veterans of Palm Beach County

Military Discharge/Separation: DD214 is the identification number for the United States Department of Defense Certificate of Discharge from Active Duty. Because this document is required for virtually all interaction with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, it is often considered by servicemen to be one of the most important personnel documents in the military. The DD214 form contains an official record of a service member's service dates, sorted by location, and in what capacity they served. It contains records of all authorized awards, ribbons, medals, ranks and promotions, any combat service or overseas service, and Military Occupational Specialty identifiers. DD214s are often filed and recorded with the county clerk.

You can search for (and often view) DD214s on file in Palm Beach County by going to the Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptroller website. Enter the persons name (LAST FIRST - with no comma!) and MIL in the type document field. Leave the dates blank for best results.

Civil War Pension Files

The Florida State Archives has digitized one of its most popular collections, the Florida Confederate Pension Files. The files are searchable by surname (soldier’s or widow’s maiden name) or pension application number. This series includes files on approved and denied pension claims dating from 1885 to 1954. The pension files include both veterans' and widows' applications (interfiled), although approved and denied claims are filed separately. Most files contain the original application, any supplemental applications, proof of service and residency, and occasional correspondence between the applicant and the Board. Veterans' applications generally include name, date and place of birth, unit dates and places of enlistment and discharge, brief description of service, wounds received, sworn statements on proof of service by comrades, War Department service abstracts, and place and length of Florida residency. The widow's application is filed with that of her husband and includes her full name, date and place of marriage, date and place of her husband's death, her place and length of residence in Florida, and proof of her husband's service. Some early applications also include the widows' date and place of birth. Confederate pensions were awarded to residents of Florida regardless of the state in which their service was rendered.

World War I

Palm Beach County Army and Air Force Casualties - World War I

Approximately 36,105 individuals from Florida served during World War I. Palm Beach County was only five years old when the war broke out. This list of PBC residents that died in the war is in no way complete, and I must point out that many black PBC residents that made the ultimate sacrifice are not listed due to the nature of the lists and records used to compile this list. About 375 black soldiers from Florida were killed in action during the war.

  • Clayton, W.J. - Boynton
  • Skellenger, Samuel A. - Boynton
  • Fish, Harry T. - Delray
  • Milton, Marvin W. - Delray
  • Muers, Joseph L. - Delray
  • Middleton, Charles W. - Hillsboro
  • Vogel, Charles F. Vogel - Lake Worth
  • De Steuben, Thomas J. - West Palm Beach
  • Lopez , Charles L. - West Palm Beach
  • Raulerson, Cyral H. - West Palm Beach
  • Raulerson, Porter - West Palm Beach
  • Waldron, Robert H. - West Palm Beach
  • Williamson, Leo E. - West Palm Beach
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World War II

Palm Beach County Army and Air Force Casualties - World War II

Alderman, James W.
Anderson, Andrew J.
Anderson, Harry N.
Bailey, John N.
Baker, William C.
Bass, Oscar K.
Bensel, Robert F.
Bouffleur, George
Bow, Richard E.
Brainard, Newell W.
Brinker, Winford Jr.
Brooks, Eston E.
Camano, Freddie
Campbell, Malcolm B.
Carves, John M.
Chaney, Joe L.
Colbath, Francis W.
Cole, Arlester
Coleman, Elisha E. Jr.
Davis, John G.
Durden, Mack L.
Durkee, Charles R. Jr.
Elliott, John
Engram, John P.
Erickson, Keith C.
Fairfield, Morgan Jr.
Fisher, William C.
Fuquay, Cecil O.
Calloway, Charles L.
Gayler, Winfred W.
Geiger, Hubert D.
Gibson, Hubert C.
Graham, John P.
Gruber, John D.
Hainey, Carl R.
Hamilton, Richard H.
Harbin, Lenton R.
Harrelson, William D.
Heichel, Dewey R.
Hendrix, George P. Jr.
Hensley, Winfred V.
Herpel, William F.
Hobby, Donald E.
Hoerner, Frank L.
Hollingsworth, F.H.
Holt, Richlyn H.
Jackson, Benjamin
Jones, Howell
Jordan, Francis D.
Jordan, Thomas L. Jr.
Kelley, Hugh J.
Kelley, Rae C.
Kelly, Eddie L.
Kemp, Thomas E.
Kennedy, Harold A.
Keyes, Price A.
Kilpatrick, Paul R.
Kinsey, Harold L.
Kirks, James L.
Kressal, Donald H.C.
Kringel, John M.
Lane, Albert H.
Large, Charles B.
Lewis, Thomas A.
Lobsinger, Luke W. Jr.
Lowery, William J.
Mayer, Roswell S.
Mayes, Earl W.
McMannus, Shelby C.
McMillen, Jack L.
Meebold, Richard C.
Mikill, Samuel M.
Mills, Robert A.
Minx, Earl O. Jr.
Moore, William G.
Moore, William H.
Mosher, Alan H.
Newell, Reginald M.
Oneal, Bradley
Oneal, Ira L. Jr.
O'Quinn, Gerald E.
Owens, James M. III
Padgette, Thadious H.
Parrot, Thomas C.
Paulk, Richard S.
Pogue, Roy D.
Reese, Girlie G.
Reid, Marion U.
Riley, George H.
Rood, Homer J.
Rosenbalm, Edward C.
Ross, Donald A.
Sandiford, James W.
Scott, Wayne S.
Singer, Allan B.
Sisto, Aatos O.
Smith, Martin
Smith, Roland C.L.
Smith, Thaddeus E.
Solana, James B. Jr.
Sowell, Richard C.
Stephens, Watson M.
Stevens, Edwin C.
Stone, Robert T. Sr.
Stutzman, David E.
Sutherland, David K.
Sutton, Franklin T.
Swafford, William R.
Taulbee, Joseph F.
Taylor, Thomas
Tesch, George W.
Thomas, Albert
Thomas, Knobby L.
Uewell, James W.
Underwood, Robert R.
Van Munster, R.C.
Vreeland, Charles L.
Wells, John L.
Williams, Earnest W.J.
Wilson, Dexter E.