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Deaths 1968-1975

Palm Beach County Deaths Certificates & Probate Documents:1968-1975

Palm Beach County Deaths Certificates & Probate Documents:1968-1975

These death certificates and probate documents are on file at the Palm Beach County Clerks ONLINE website. Documents for years after 1975 are also on file and more years will be added as time allows.

Not every death certificate issued in Palm Beach County is on file. Also be aware that the date given is the date the DC was filed with the clerk, not the date of death. You may also find death certificates attached to other documents, such as probate records. When you are at the County Clerk website you might want to do a search for all documents relating to the person you're researching. Due to privacy concerns, not every document will have a viewable image, but the information to order the document will be given.

VIEW DATABASE (Searchable PDF format)

See the attachment at the bottom of this page. It is a downloadable PDF.

Go to http://www.pbcountyclerk.com/records_home.html. Click on the button that says ACCEPT. You'll be sent to the search page (see image below). Enter the name exactly as it appears on this list. (No comma between last and first name). Put the document code (DC or PRO) in the proper search box and press the search button.

If you need a death certificate lookup for a year not in this database, enter the name and, if known, the year. If you have no luck, you can post a request at the Palm Beach County message forum and hopefully a volunteer will attempt to find the document for you.

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