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Jarjet   Tat sari



 Earn point get money, More point more money

  PNET Info ******  Shopping Mall

Pallinet Limited is a Network Marketing & IT Company in Bangladesh. Our vision is everyone get Modern facilities even who are live in roral or urban area. No more pay for purchasing product, even whole and retailer customers. Earn poing get comission for retailer customers. life time membership.  PN Limited about Online service PNET cyber

Membership! Everyone get membership free of cost called Binary Card. life time membership who are purchase at least one  package product. No more advance payable for any product.

Product package: *** SME, PBC, TBC, MBC ***  

SME Product: Everyone get membership with Binary card.

PBC: Everyone get life time membership with Digital ID card.

TBC:  First week commission BDTk600.00 and life time membership

MBC: First week cimmission BDTk3000.00 with life time membership and many more offer.

***all kinds of family needs product***

cloths: Shari- Katan, Benaroshi, Jorjet, Silk, Tat etc. all kinds of longi, Poplin, Voel, Than, Bed cover, window and door cloths, Full marrage items and any others ceremony beauty items.

Gift box- Prefarable gift items

Sky Shop: all kinds of Asian Sky shop items

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