Palleon's Victoria 2 Mod

This is a general mod that attempts to fix several of the major bugs in the game, including rebels being overpowered, inability to enact reforms, and the minimum wage bug. In addition, it also includes a combat rebalance, as well as decisions for the USA to demand Caribou from the UK, and a decision for the UK to release Canada.

- Implemented parts of the POPDemand to add fuel/ammo requirements to units, and rebalance factory needs to try to increase
the use and need of many of the low-demand goods

v0.10 (initial release)
- Combined my bug fix and combat rebalance mod
- Changed combat mod so leadership scales higher and higher as time goes on
- Made Socialists and Conservatives far more willing to enact political reform
- Added decision for UK to release Canada
- Added decision for US to demand Caribou

To do:
- Decision for the US/UK to decide borders (allow US to get historic borders, or allow either side to demand concessions,
leading to likely war)
- Decision for the US to peacefully acquire Mexican US-cored territory
- Find a way to make liberals more likely and powerful
- Fix too many parties bug

Important Note: To install, extract to your base directory. THIS WILL OVERWRITE THE POPTYPES FOLDER. The rest of the mod will go into the mod directory, but due to the poptypes folder not being moddable, the base files have to be overwritten. Backups are provided in the mod, and you should restore them prior to using any other mod or vanilla, or your game may have unpredictable results.

Rob Fennema,
Sep 1, 2010, 9:49 PM