The Palisades School Gardens Network (PSGN) supports and promotes sustainable garden and nutrition based learning programs for K-12 students who attend the seven schools in the Pacific Palisades Charter Complex.  We provide a forum for exchanging information, resources, and expertise.  We teach students to develop respect for  and stewardship  of all living things.  We encourage these goals to be wholly integrated into schools' curriculum, culture, and food programs.


Canyon Charter Elementary
Leader - Susan Hamilburg

Topanga Charter Elementary
Amy Weisberg

Palisades Elementary
Kari Shelton
Kristine Doty
Tracy Judah

Marquez Elementary

Kenter Canyon Charter Elementary
Shari Laham

Paul Revere Middle School
Katy Anastasi
Lori Vogel
Carrie Robertson

Palisades Charter High School

Canyon Charter Elementary School container garden