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For recent books I've ranked at Goodreads, see below.  I actually prefer the 10 star ranking because I believe it gives a more accurate view.

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Bistro x2 - The Bistro Book Club is a teen book club that discusses the latest in young adult literature.    Each teen or librarian (yes, there are three of us adults that are usually there) tells about the latest YA book they have read or just listens to what others have to say.  It's a great place to get recommendations!  A couple of our adults are on national award committees so we really need teen feedback.
We usually have a couple of book carts full of the latest books or even Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs).  ARCs are books that have not been published yet so they will have some typos and often a trial cover.  As long as teens keep writing reviews, I bet the publishers will keep sending us new books to report back on.
The main Bistro meets at the central branch of the Mesa County Public Library in Grand Junction every Wednesday at 4.  Currently, I have a small group that meets Monday afternoon in our library shortly after the last bell rings.  We would love to have you come to either or both book clubs.  If you can't, pick up a Bistro book from the Bistro display table.
Student Book Reviews
Ripper by Stephen Petrucha
It was a great book!  Has lots of action, adventure, and mystery.  Ripper is about a young boy named Carver who is an orphan.  Carver believes that his dad is the famous killer Jack the Ripper.  And when Carver gets "adopted" by a semi-retired Pinkerton detective, Carver is allowed to search for his father.  There is a great twist at the end.
                                                 Brooke 15 yrs

My latest review
Noah's Rainy Day by Sandra Brannan 9/10
Delightful read. I enjoyed both the adult mystery and the very intriguing viewpoint from the eyes of a child with cerebral palsey. I can see how it could be consistent with a very sheltered elementary school child which Noah is but not your average 12 year old middle schooler. Hopefully readers will internalize possible feelings of special needs kiddos as well as others.
Witchstruck by Victoria Lamb 8/10
Fans of witches will enjoy the intricacies in this alternate historical fiction about the daughters of King Henry VIII: Mary & her half sister Elizabeth. Diligent readers might even check to see which elements are factual. I'm really liking Harlequin TEEN publishers for my school library.
Sea Of Tranquility by Katja Millay      10/10
This one goes way past being a tearjerker!!! Very realistic..pain, loss, self-destruction, self-blame, safety in withdrawal. This story will definitely resonate with some and hopefully give others a glimpse of understanding. Three cheers for those strong enough to seek healing!! Fantastic book for both teens and adults.