What is KidSight?
KidSight is an initial screening program for eye problems in children. If a screening reveals a potential issue, the child can be referred to an appropriate eye care professional.

Additionally, Lions do screenings for hearing problems.

More about the equipment and process
The Sure Sight scanner (Model v2.23) measures the focusing power of the eye and determines the need for corrective lenses. Specific conditions identifiable are: myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness), and astigmatism or irregular focus of the eye.

Children are also screened for lazy eye, possible depth perceptions conditions and color deficiency.

The Ero Scan emits a sound which travels to the inner ear. If hearing is normal, a small sound is generated by the hair cells and measured by the instrument. The results are either “Refer” or “Pass”. Permanent hearing loss is identifiable with this instrument; however, temporary hearing loss also may result in a “Refer” because of colds, ear infections, or even fluid behind the eardrum.

Child consent form
Child referral form
KidSight Worksheet

See this document for contact names and numbers for screenings in the areas served by our district.
District Contacts
Lions Vision Screener


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Sure Sight

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