Palin's eyeglasses are (most likely) cosmetic!

All pics of Palin on the web indicate that her eyeglasses have no prescription, i.e. they are purely cosmetic 

I have been browsing through the pictures of Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin's photos available on the web. Her eyeglasses are a signature part of her look, and she apparently has many different pairs.  

It appears that her eyeglasses have pretty much no prescription.  This is easy to see if you look at the pictures. If you look at a picture in which the edge of the face appears, examine the line that edge traces inside the lens area and just outside it, there should be "break" in that line. See for example the picture above of Paul McCartney in glasses (he has a rather high prescription!). 

This is a little clearer in the this next picture. 

Now any amount of prescription, no matter how slight, will cause a little break in those face edge lines.  None of the Sarah Palin pics I was able to find on the web have any breaks in the lines (see below, I've indicated where those lines are or ought to be in all the pics with a yellow marker).  So it appears that the lenses on her glasses have no correction power, which means they are purely cosmetic. This is similar to the pictures you see at the optometrist of models wearing glasses that look good on them, they are modeling glasses with dummy lenses that have no power. They do this because if they use real prescription lenses, those distorted face lines would appear and the models would not look nearly as good. 

So why would someone like Sarah Palin who does not appear to need corrective lenses opt for wearing fake eyeglasses all the time? I'll let you think about that question. 

If you doubt the pictures I have chosen, feel free to browse the web for Palin's pictures, download them, zoom, and look for those refraction lines that should be there. I wish some journalist would ask her what her eyeglasses prescription is. Maybe demand release of optometrist records? :)