Vinaya Pitaka

Monastic discipline in the light of the Suttas 

 by Piya Tan


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The Vinaya Pi.taka is the first of the threefold Collection of the Paali Canon. It contains history, legal cases and procedures, and rules and codiciles that regulate almost every detail of monastic life, and it one of the oldest historical records we have of a complete legal system (including the parliamentary "act"). The early sections of the Vinaya (the bulk of it) is common to all the early Buddhist schools, to which most traditions of our time root themselves.

Here we shall only look at the Vinaya where it helps us better understand the Suttas.

For more details on the Vinaya as literature, see Oskar von Hinuber, A Handbook of Pali Literature, 1996 §§12-45.


Sutta translations:

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