Sutta Discovery Volume 21
Sutta Discovery

The Buddha’s Teachings in the Oldest Texts

Translations, essays and notes by Piya Tan ©2009
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Theme: Wrong Views & Right Views


Date           Topics   


23  Dec       (1)  Venagapura Sutta (A 3.63). The Buddha’s qualities and virtues.


     30  Dec       (2)  Balena Pandita Sutta (S 12.19). Proof for 3-life dependent arising.


     13  Jan         (3)  Ambattha Sutta (D3). (Part 1) Religious arrogance; the monk’s training.


     20  Jan              Ambaṭṭha Sutta (D 3). (Parts 2) Spiritual openness.


1                                  3  Feb               Ambaṭṭha Sutta (D 3). (Parts 3) Spiritual liberation.


                                   10  Feb       (4)  (Devata) Samiddhi Sutta (S 1.20). The Dharma is right here & now.


                                   17  Feb       (5)  Vimuttayatana Sutta (A 5.26) . Liberation without meditation?


    17  Feb       (6)   Sīla Samādhi Paññā. The three trainings in early Buddhism.


           24  Feb       (7)   Simsapā Sutta (S 56.31). All we need to know to be free.


    24  Feb       (8)   Khadira Sutta (S 56.32). To be liberated is to know the 4 noble truths.


                     24  Feb       (9)   Methuna Sutta (A 7.47). The seven bonds of sexuality.


                                            Mar      (10)   Maha Malunkyaputta Sutta (M 64). The 5 mental fetters & latent tendencies.


                                         10 Mar      (11)  Dutiya Acchariya Sutta (A 4.128). Four marvellous things.


                                      10 Mar      (12)   Yamaka Sutta (S 22.85). The aggregates & the arhat’s indefinable state.


                                      17 Mar      (13)   Anurādha Sutta (S 22.86). The nature of the Tathâgata.


                                      17 Mar      (14)   Sekha Sutta (M 53). The one on the spiritual path to awakening.


                            24+31 Mar  (15)  Canki Sutta (M 95). Belief, knowledge and liberation.


How we see depends on how we think:

a clear mind sees even with eyes closed.