Sutta Discovery Volume  40b

Piya's 5th Cycle Special Edition


How Buddhism Became Chinese

A reflection on the (Ahitaya) Thera Sutta (A 5.88/3:114-116)  

© by Piya Tan 2008

 We should not change Buddhism, we should change ourselves
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(0a) Cover page

(0b) Detailed contents

(1) Buddhist growth in China

     The arrival of Buddhism in China and Chinese response.

(2) Chinese challenges to Buddhism

     Interaction between Buddhism and culture: Doaism and Confucianism.

(3) Cosmic Buddhas and Paradises

     How religious idea arise and flourish; the growth of new  Buddhist ideas.

(4) The soul of Chinese Buddhism

     Buddha-nature and universal awakening: Chinese Buddhist humanism.

(5) Transmission outside the scriptures?

      Religion, power and change; some things we can learn from history.

(6) Modern insights into Chinese Buddhism

     How we tend to view religion; some problems of translation.

(7) Conclusion: Going back to the source

     Religion and spirituality; harmonizing religion and culture

(8) Bibliography

(9) Glossary of Chinese Terms (partial index)


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