Sutta Discovery vol 23


Sutta Discovery

The Buddha’s Teachings in the Oldest Texts

Translations, essays and notes by Piya Tan ©2008
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Volume 23

May-Jul 2008

Theme: Death & rebirth

Death is simply a turning to a new page in our book of life.



i-iv Cover pages

1           (1a)  Gati Mahanama Sutta 1 (S 55.21). A true follower will not die in vain.

4           (1a)  Gati Mahanama Sutta 2 (S 55.22). A true follower will not die in vain.

7           (2a)  Anathapindika Sutta 1 (S 55.26). Bedside ministry: 10 limbs of streamwinning.

14         (2b)   Anathapindinka Sutta 2 (S 55.27). Bedside ministry: 4 limbs of awakening.

19          (3)   Yodh'ajiva Sutta (S 42.3). The mercenary killer's karma.

22          (4)    Phagguna Sutta (A 6.56). Benefits of knowing the Dharma at the time of dying.

26          (5)   Cha-l-abhijati Sutta (A 6.57). We can rise above our own karma.

34          (6)   Hetu Sutta (S 24.7). How the wrong view of non-causality arises.

38          (7)   Sappurisa Sutta (M 113). The true individual and the false individual.

54         (8a)  (Nana,karana) Puggala Sutta 1 (A 4.123). Even the gods fall into hell.

66         (8b)  (Nana,karana) Puggala Sutta 2 (A 4.124). Non-return through dhyana.

69          (9)    Anatha,pindik'ovada Sutta (M 143). Sariputta counsels a dying layman.

81         (10)    Karota Sutta (S 24.6). How the doctrine of non-action arises.

85         (11)   Kukkura,vatika Sutta (M 57). As you act, by that you are reborn.

99         (12)   Dan'upapatti Sutta (A 8.35). The morally virtuous giver can choose their rebirth.

103       (13)    Bhava Sutta 1-2 (A 3.76-77). Karma, rebirth and existence.

106       (14)    Vinnana-t-thiti. The classification of beings according to their consciousness.

114       (15)    Kutuhala,sala Sutta (S 44.9). Rebirth is driven by karmic fuel.

118       (16)   Digh'avu Sutta (S 55.3). Streaming winning and the 6 constituents of true knowledge.