Sutta Discovery vol 22


Sutta Discovery

The Buddha’s Teachings in the Oldest Texts

Translations, essays and notes by Piya Tan ©2008
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Volume 22


(Apr-Jun 2008)


Theme: Dāna (Giving and generosity)


Study, practise, realize, share

Giving is an appreciation of another’s being—

That others’ happiness is also our happiness.




    i-iv          SD vol 22 cover pages. 

    1   (1)   (Sumana) Dāna Sutta (A 6.37). How to give with wholesome intentions.

  4    (2)   Sundarika Bhāra,dvāja Sutta (Sn 3.4). Who is truly worthy of offerings? 

17    (3)   Sundarika Sutta (S 7.9). Who is truly worthy of offerings?

25    (4)   Aputtaka Sutta 1 (S 3.19). Wealth is meant to be enjoyed.

29    (5)   Aputtaka Sutta 2 (S 3.20). Wealth is no assurance for happiness.

          39   (6a)   Pakkanta Sutta (S 17.35). Even in gain, the evil decline.


         44   (6b)   Pañca,ratha,sata Sutta (S 17.36). Even in gain, the evil decline.


         46     (7)   Yajamāna Sutta (S 11.16). Even material giving is fruitful. 


         51     (8)   Kūṭa,danta Sutta (D 5). The true sacrifice.


        95      (9)   Aggika Bhāra,dvāja Sutta (S 7.8). The true fire burns brightly within.


      100   (10a)   Āditta Sutta (J 424). What is given is well saved.


     107   (10b)   Asadisa,dāna Vatthu (DhA 13.10). The joy of giving.


     116   (10c)   Sādhu Sutta (S 1.33).  The benefits of giving.


     120    (11)   (Pasenadi) Yañña Sutta (S 3.9). The better sacrifice. 


     135    (12)   (Dāna) Vaccha,gotta Sutta (A 3.57). Benefits of wise giving. 


     140    (13)   Suppavāsā Sutta (A 4.57). Four blessings from giving food. 


     145    (14)   Sumana Sutta (A 5.31). The levels of benefits for the giver. 


    150    (15)   Sappurisa Dāna Sutta (A 5.148). True giving, wealth and their benefits.


    157    (16)   (Dāna) Sīha Sutta (A 7.54). Visible fruits of giving.  


    161    (17)   Puñña,kiriya,vatthu Sutta (A 8.36). Giving, moral virtue, meditation.