Sutta Discovery vol 19


Sutta Discovery

The Buddha’s Teachings in the Oldest Texts

Translations, essays and notes by Piya Tan ©2008
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Volume 19

(2nd rev ed, 2009)

Nimitta (The mental sign of stillness)


If we do not let go of the past, we are already dead.

If we do not let go of the future, we are not born yet.

If we do not let go of the present,

we will never advance on the path to liberation.

Let go!



     (0) Cover pages.

    1          (1)    "I": the nature of identity. How selfishness arises.

   26         (2a)   "Me": the nature of conceit. Psychological complexes & narcissism.

   61         (2b)    Khema Sumana Sutta (A 6.49). The arhat has no notion of status.

   65     (3)    "Mine": the nature of craving. Craving, eternalism and nihilism.

   83     (4)    (Arahatta) Anuruddha Sutta (A 3.128). Anuruddha's awakening.

   85          (5)  Anuruddha Mahavitakka Sutta (A 8.30). The joy of spiritual life.

   95          (6)    Mahapurisa Sutta (S 47.11). Who is truly great?

   98          (7)    Nimitta. The radiant and blissful meditation sign.

 113          (8)    Piti Sutta (A 5.176). Lay followers, too should go into solitary retreat.

 117          (9)    Niddasa,vatthu Sutta (A 7.18). The full spiritual training in 7 stages.

 123        (10)    (Sariputta) Niddasa,vatthu Sutta (A 7.39). The full spiritual training.

 125        (11)     Pamsu,dhovaka Sutta (A 3.100a). Refining our meditation practice.

 132        (12)    Nimitta Sutta (A 3.100b). Samadhi, effort and equanimity.

 139        (13)    Atammayata. Non-identification, deconstruction and non-duality.

  161       (14)    Nimitta and anuvyanjana. Sense-restraint & wise attention.

  174       (15)    Cha.pana Sutta (S 35.247). Taming the animal-like sense-faculties.

  184       (16)    Girimananda Sutta (A 10.60). The 10 meditations for the sick.

  203       (17)    Kummopama Sutta (S 35.240). The benefits of restraining the senses.