Sutta Discovery vol 18


Sutta Discovery

The Buddha’s Teachings in the Oldest Texts

Translations, essays and notes by Piya Tan ©2007
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Volume 18

2nd rev ed, 2009

Karma 2


Can you really help what you are doing?


i - vi     (0)  Cover pages.


1          (1)   Karma. Moral and psychological ethnics as taught in the early Buddhist texts.


21        (2)   Mula Sutta (A 3.69). The roots of moral actions.


29        (3)   Vitthara Patipada Sutta (A 4.162). Spiritual progress by way of the five faculties.


38        (4)    Deva,daha Sutta (M 101).  Self mortification, fatalism, karma & omniscience.


65        (5)    Acela Kassapa Sutta (S 12.17). True nature of action and the middle way.


78        (6)    Puggala Sutta (S 3.21=A 4.85). Two kinds of decline, two kinds of progress.


82        (7)    Beyond good evil. Moral virtue as means and as ends.


125      (8)    Akusala Kamma Nidana Sutta (A 10.174). The negative root causes of karma.


130      (9)    Samana.mandika Sutta (M 78). The arhat is beyond good and evil.


144     (10)   Channa Paribbajaka Sutta (A 3.71) On overcoming the three unwholesome roots.


149    (11)    Virtue ethics. A naturalistic conception of karma.