Sutta Discovery vol 17b


Sutta Discovery

The Buddha’s Teachings in the Oldest Texts

Translations, essays and notes by Piya Tan  © 2007


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Volume 17b special double issue


Apr-Jun 2007


Pa–ca-k,khandha The five aggregates


           (8a)       Khandha 5 Vinnana. The fifth aggregate (consciousness)

           (8b)       The unconscious. How the mind really works, or are we really in control?

           (8c)       Consciousness and meditation. Recent developments.

           (9)         Khajjaniya Sutta (S 22.79). Understanding the aggregates.

          (10)        Khandha Aditta Sutta (S 22.61) Aggregates burn with pain.

          (11)        Maha Punnama Sutta (M 109 =S 22.83)

                        The 5 aggregates & clinging; identity view & not-self.

          (12)        Phenepinda Sutta (S 22.95). The true nature of aggregates.

          (13)        Indriyabhavana Sutta (M 152). Mastering the senses.

          (14)        Bhara Sutta (S 22.22). There is no "person" in the aggregates.

          (15)        Lokayatika Sutta (S 12.48). The middle way between extremes.

          (16)        Udana Sutta  (S 22.55). Consciousness workds with the aggregates.