Sutta Discovery vol 17a


Sutta Discovery

The Buddha’s Teachings in the Oldest Texts

Translations, essays and notes by Piya Tan © 2007
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Volume 17a special double issue

Jan-Mar 2007

Pa–ca-k,khandha The five aggregates


         Cover pages

         (1a)    Dve Khandha Sutta (S 22.48)  What really is one's "identity"?

         (1b)    Abhijana Sutta (S 22.24) The aggregates have to be known directly.

     (2a)    Khandha 1 Rupa A study of the first aggregate (form).

         (2b)     Matter and Moments The phases of matter & the theory of moments.

          (3)      Khandha 2 Vedana The second aggregate (feeling); Ditthabba Sutta (S 36.5)

          (4)      Khandha 3 Sanna The third aggregate (perception)

          (5)      Sanna Nanatta Sutta (S 14.7) How we interpret ou experiences.

          (6)      Khandha 4 Sankhara The fourth aggregate (formations).

          (7)      Pacetana Rathakara Sutta (A 3.15) The nature of abhisankhara.