Sutta Discovery Volume 26

Sutta Discovery
ISBN  978-981-08-2840-0

The Buddha’s Teachings in the Oldest Texts

Translations, essays and notes by Piya Tan ©2009
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Theme: Not-self (anattā)

There is no self—it is the idea of a self that limits us.

Page    Chapter

0      (0)  Cover pages.  

1      (1)  Dhamma and Abhidhamma The nature and origins of Buddhist scholasticism and the dharma theory

20     (2)  Buddhist Atomism. The theories of paramanu and kalapa in post-canonical Buddhism


30     (3)  Memes How religion imprisons and spirituality liberates.


      53     (4)  (Anatta) Udayi Sutta (S 35.234). Neither the body nor the mind has a self


      57     (5)  Cula Saccaka Sutta (M 35). The conversion of a boastful debater.


      77     (6)  M 148 Chachakka Sutta. Understand the six senses leads to liberation.                        

      95     (7)  Pathama Arahata Sutta (A 22.76). How the arhats arise.


    100     (8)  Dhammaniyama Sutta (A 3.134). The characteristics of impermanence, suffering and not-self.


   106     (9)  Self and Selves. The nature of not-self and personal development.


   150   (10)  Atthiraga Sutta (S 12.64). The nature of the arhat’s consciousness.


157    (11)   Language and Discourse. Freeing the mind from noise.


  189    (12)  Samanupassana Sutta (S 22.47). Looking into the true nature of things.



  196    (13)  Tanha Jalini Sutta (S 4.199). How craving manifests itself in 108 ways.