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Brahmali, "Jhana and Lokuttarajjhana" (2005). The Suttas are the oldest records we have of the Buddha's teachings and should be studied and understood on their own merit. They should not be reinterpreted by the Commentaries (although sometimes they are helpful). Brahmali discusses how the Suttas and Commentaries (and the Abhidhamma) view jhana and lokuttarajjhana. Download article.

The Dharma-ending Age. How will the True Dharma disappear, or has it already disappeared? Download article.

What not to look for in a religion (pdf). Refllections on the Kalama Sutta, or how to answer evangelist criticisms of Buddhism. Download file.

The True Buddha Relics (pdf). Is relic worship taught by the Buddha? What are the implications of the 15 July 2007 Sunday Times expose on the Buddha's relics in Singapore? Download file

Money and Monastics (pdf). The Vinaya clearly prohibits monastics from keeping or handling money. What are the reasons for this? Why do some monastics break this rule, even today?   Download this file 

Campus Buddhist Growth (pdf) 1988e. An analysis and suggestion of the current local Buddhist situation. Download this file.


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