Buddhist Missiology

Making Dharma known and lived

by Piya Tan




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      Buddhism started off as a religion of light and peace, but in our own times shadows and violence ominously lurk in its heartlands and frontiers. The best way to deal with such situations is to try to under­stand the facts behind the news and views, to share our insights and spirituality to set our house in order and mend our fences. We may not be able to change anything now but at least we have set some think­ing in the right direction so that Buddhism remains a viable path of compassion, wisdom and peace today and tomorrow. If we appear to be a dysfunctional family, then this is the time to heal our dysfunctions and enhance our strengths—or at least identify the problems—for the benefit of posterity.

Teaching Methods of the Buddha (A dynamic vision of Buddhist hermeneutics)









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