PAlib's DS Devolpment Wiki

Welcome to the Programmer's Arsenal!

    Around June of 2012, the old webpage was taken down.  Thanks to the Wayback Machine's internet archive, we at FIRST Robotics Team 701 have brought the Wikipedia back.  We found that it was a great source, however scattered and cluttered, for reference when programming our Scouting system for the FIRST Robotics Challenge.  We are proud to have brought the information back to the web.  Our website can be found here:

    PAlib is a Nintendo DS library used to create homebrew games. It is designed to be used easily by anyone. To run these games on a DS or DS Lite, you will need a flashcart, such as an R4 or CycloDS. For DSi you will need to find a DSi compatible card, such as the R4i or the SCDSONEi. If you don’t have one, you can still test your work with an emulator (No$GBA is the best, DeSmuMe, iDeaS is also worth considering too). Have fun!

    If you are looking for a list of the PAlib functions, with detailed explanations, I recommend searching in the official PAlib Documentation.