I am a visiting researcher at the Department of Mathematics at Hokkaido University.

List of publications:
  • (with A.M. Bigatti, and M. Torielli) "New Characterizations of Freeness for Hyperplane Arrangements". arXiv:1801.09868. Submitted.
  • "Minimal Polynomials, Sectional Matrices, and Applications." Ph.D. thesis, University of Genova, April 2017.
  • (with A.M. Bigatti, and M. Torielli) "Extremal behaviour in Sectional Matrices". ArXiv: 1702.03292. To appear on Journal of Algebra and its Applications.
  • (with J.A. Abbott, A.M. Bigatti, and L. Robbiano) "Computing and Using Minimal Polynomials". ArXiv: 1702.07262. Submitted.

email: palezzato (at) math.sci.hokudai.ac.jp

Department of Mathematics
Kita 10, Nishi 8, Kita-ku
Sapporo, 060-0810
Hokkaido, Japan