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Amandla Intifada

The occupation of Palestinian territories, and the recent 2009 Gaza massacre, as part of Israel’s sustained genocidal campaign against the people of Palestine is a brutal reality - one which demands reaction. 

For South Africans, the response translates into joining the global call for Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS), a strategy which proved successful in contributing to the eventual capitulation of SA’s apartheid regime.

In the context of the siege of Gaza, two stalwart artists, Faizel Boorany and Jeremy Karodia, in a long-held practise of music as catalyst to change and resistance, lent their voices to the BDS campaign. In an impractically short period of time, with simple tools holstered in creative frustration and a fervent need to voice their support for the Palestinians, the Amandla Intifada album was produced, an infinitesimal gesture of solidarity with Palestinian people.

The Album

The conceptualisation of the Amandla Intifada album was prompted through the revival and rework of the nascent song 'Lament for Palestine', composed in 1982 by Faizel in response to the horrific Sabra and Shatila massacres. Almost thirty years later, that forever incomplete song’s relevance is clear, an ongoing indictment of Israel’s sustained aggression at the people of Palestine.

Intended to be released as a single track, 'Lament for Palestine' whilst in production, revealed a collaborative appeal. Jeremy Karodia,while producing the song with lead vocalists, Emaan Haswaray, Aaliya Ismail and Yasaar Kamaar, was approached by another artist, Abu Zayd who was keen to contribute a composition entitled “Rise and Fall”, thus lending to the idea of an album, in short suit followed by “Amandla Intifada”, composed by a group called “what if...?”. 

Karodia further added and produced his own composition, entitled “Burnt Humus” and performed by his band The Mavr!x .The result is a collage of songs and poems themed in the resolute strand of solidarity with the people of Palestine. The last song "Promised Land” was taken from the album “Guantanamo Bay” by The Mavr!x.

Karodia, as producer and driving force behind the album, further exploited his network of contacts and secured sponsorship for the publication of the album from various sources. The artwork design was created and sponsored by Jawid Hassim, the printing of the CD cover and sponsorship thereof by Gravity Printers; Grant Ketzin mixed and mastered the album.

Contributions flowed,based on a collective proposal that the album be distributed free, with any voluntary donations welcomed. It was agreed that any proceeds from the album would be used to fund the work of any grouping including the PSC in any campaign highlighting the case of the Palestine

We will not forget

Significant too, the presence of children’s voices, on the album. Their involvement was voluntary and self-initiated, when they expressed their horror and sadness at the scenes of utter devastation and carnage they witnessed on news reports of the assault on Gaza. 

The parallels of the oppression experienced by the Palestinian people through the crippling occupation with that of the history of South Africa during the apartheid regime, gleaned through their text books and from elders, was not lost on these young South Africans, neither the stark contrast of their comfortable ‘normal’ lives in relation to that of the arduous struggle that Palestinian children face daily.

The exhortation, “We Will Not Forget “, is an especially poignant message that the album seeks to sow.

-- Jan, 2009


Amandla Intifada - the CD

The CD is now available. A limited number have been printed, and be sure to put your order in now.

Details may be obtained from fatima.rahiman@gmail.com [+27798737633] or jeremykarodia@gmail.com

To listen without having to download from this site, or without purchasing the CD: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=449511226

Track 1: From Jo'burg to Gaza
Track 2: The Poem
Track 3: Burnt Hummus
Track 4: Amandla Intifada
Track 5: Lament for Palestine
Track 6: Rise and Fall
Track 7: Promised Land 

If you like the songs - or don't - please donate generously to any of the funds set up to support the people of Gaza.

Please feel free to use any of the material on this site for non-commercial distribution

Support Michael Heart's beautiful 'Song for Gaza': http://www.michaelheart.com/Song_for_Gaza.html

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