من النكبة الى النهضة الذاتية الجذرية نحو فلسطين جديدة كونية بلا حدود

From NAKBA to "radical" Renaissance to build new global border-less Palestine

مبادرة مشروع "تطبيق الدماغ الفلسطيني Palestinian Brain Application - Project" 

هل يستطيع الفلسطينيوون وضع اللبنة الكبرى للحضارة الانسانية القادمه؟
وقفة للتفكير في بداية جديدة للابداع الفلسطيني الادراكي العالمي و الذكاء المشترك، ونداء للتعاون الاستراتيجي التقني لبناء اسس تواصل و تظافر مشتركة غير تقليدية

م. وائل خالد السعد
دوسلدورف-المانيا ، جنين-فلسطين
الصيغة الاولى في 9 تشرين الثاني، نوفمبر 2008
اخر تحديث 28 نيسان 2009


     The purpose of this paper is to describe the launch of a holistic information technology project intended to facilitate the renaissance of self-organization of the Palestinian society as a borderless interactive organism. The project, currently written in Arabic, is readily accessible to Arab people and institutions. In the future translations will be available in diverse languages for the actualization of a new humanity through the individual contributions of all individuals that comprise the "Global Brain". The project includes a call for technical cooperation to build a neutral communication center for the purpose of initializing discussions pertaining to the future of the Palestinian people. Our intent is to move forward together, not separated, for the purpose of creating unity in diversity. The project suggests a system that simulates a new interconnectivity for Palestinians. It is based on the concept of the "compound eye" evidenced in insects and specifically the fly [1], in which every individual contributes to the idea or action of the whole organism, as does each fly's individual photoreception unit.

    The systems of holistic commons are relatively new. Many businesses employ "collaborative CRM"-systems [2] in the fields of industry. These systems are closed commercial, hierarchical systems. In contrast, grass-roots organizations have developed newer, more relevant systems [3] that contribute greatly to the science and technology of mass-self-organization. Necessity is the power of invention, and as such, Palestinians are placed in the position to be the children of invention, propelled to build the foundation of a new model for the formation of a ‘new’ humanity.
    I believe that Palestine has the most potential for a new beginning by disassociating from imposing powers and conflicts and concentrating on the development of new boundaries and conditions within the human condition that encourage and stimulate formation of the ‘new’ humanity. Due to the far reaching effects and complex agendas it is imperative to employ Edward Said's practice of "discipline of details” throughout the development and implementation of the project.

    We are in the process of brain-storming for this project. We need your participation. As many of you, I am in contact with numerous individuals and organizations. We encourage meeting in small groups of individuals with expertise in numerous fields. The groups will be located in every country where Palestinians live. Palestinians who want to contribute to the project’s development can participate by accessing ‘wiki-doc’ on the internet. The first step is to network data collection and work organization skills. It is imperative that we have the right core of Palestinian IT-strategists, futuristic holistic thinkers and visionaries. This core group will co-create the foundation for the new pattern of action and interaction that will spiral and eventually snow-ball. No Palestinian who supports the idea will be excluded.

* فكرة الشعار مأخوذة عن غلاف كتاب "الدماغ العالمي" لبيتر روسل ،إعادة تصميم سامر الاحمد
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