MISSING SCORES as of 1/16 7:00 AM
DateTimeVenueTeam #1#1 ScoreTeam #2#2 ScoreDivision
12/14/177:10 PMBoystown PalrangBoystownHoly Name8th Girls B American
12/16/1710:20 AMConcordia Jr #2Concordia AcademyHoly Name6th Boys AA
12/18/176:40 PMSt. Margaret MaryLifegate ChristianOmaha Christian Academy8th Girls B American
1/6/189:00 AMOur Lady of LourdesOur Lady of LourdesMary Our Queen White4th Girls Liberty
1/6/189:10 AMSt. Margaret MaryMary Our QueenSt. Margaret Mary #35th Boys NC Mustang
1/6/189:10 AMSt. VincentSt. Vincent WhiteSt. Columbkille White5th Girls Competitive
1/6/189:40 AMChrist The KingChrist the KingSt. Vincent7th Boys AAA
1/6/1812:00 PMChrist The KingChrist the KingOmaha Christian Academy8th Boys A American
1/6/1812:30 PMOur Lady of LourdesOur Lady of LourdesSt. Bernadette8th Girls B National
1/6/1812:30 PMSt. ColumbkilleSt. Columbkille WhiteSt. Pius Leo4th Girls Liberty
1/6/181:40 PMSt. Albert High SchoolSt. Albert GreenSt. Bernard5th Girls Competitive
1/6/181:50 PMSt. VincentSt. VincentChrist The King7th Boys B American
1/6/182:15 PMSt. BernadetteSt. BernadetteSt. Wenceslaus #15th Boys NC Mustang
1/6/183:30 PMMary Our QueenCornerstone ChristianMary Our Queen7th Boys B National
1/7/1812:15 PMSt. Mary OmahaSt. GeraldConcordia Academy6th Boys AA
1/7/183:20 PMSt. StephenSt. ColumbkilleSt. Stephen7th Boys AAA
1/8/185:30 PMOur Lady of LourdesGood ShepherdOur Lady of Lourdes7th Boys A
1/8/187:50 PMOur Lady of LourdesGood ShepherdOur Lady of Lourdes8th Girls B National
1/9/186:00 PMMary Our QueenMary Our QueenSt. Bernadette8th Boys B
1/12/186:00 PMHoly SpiritHoly SpiritSt. Bernadette8th Girls B National
1/12/186:40 PMLifegate ChristianOmaha Christian AcademyLifegate Christian7th Boys B American
1/12/187:00 PMSt. PatrickOmaha Christian AcademySt. Patrick5th Boys NC Bronco
1/12/188:00 PMHoly SpiritHoly SpiritSt. James Seton8th Boys B
1/13/188:00 AMOmaha Christian AcademyLifegate ChristianOmaha Christian Academy6th Girls NC (American)
1/13/188:00 AMSt. WenceslausMary Our QueenSt. Wenceslaus #15th Boys NC Mustang
1/13/189:00 AMOur Lady of LourdesBrownell TalbotOur Lady of Lourdes4th Boys Lakers
1/13/189:10 AMOmaha Christian AcademyOmaha Christian AcademySt. Margaret Mary7th Boys B American
1/13/1810:00 AMConcordia Jr #1Concordia AcademySt. Margaret Mary #35th Boys NC Mustang
1/13/1810:10 AMHoly SpiritGood ShepherdOmaha Christian Academy5th Boys NC Bronco
1/13/1810:10 AMOur Lady of LourdesHoly SpiritOur Lady of Lourdes5th Girls Non-Competitive
1/13/1810:20 AMOmaha Christian AcademyBoystownOmaha Christian Academy8th Girls B American
1/13/1810:40 AMBergan CatholicSt. Pius LeoBergan Catholic6th Girls NC (American)
1/13/1810:50 AMChrist The KingChrist The KingMary Our Queen6th Girls NC (National)
1/13/1811:00 AMSt. Albert ElementarySt. AlbertSt. Cecilia6th Girls NC (National)
1/13/1811:20 AMHoly SpiritOur Lady of LourdesGood Shepherd6th Girls NC (American)
1/13/1811:30 AMSt. Margaret MaryMary Our QueenSt. Margaret Mary #26th Boys B American
1/13/1812:30 PMSt. ColumbkilleBrownell TalbotSt. Columbkille Blue4th Girls Sparks
1/13/1812:40 PMSt. Margaret MarySt. VincentSt. Margaret Mary6th Girls NC (National)
1/13/1812:40 PMSt. VincentSt. BernardSt. Vincent #15th Boys NC Bronco
1/13/181:50 PMSt. Thomas MoreSt. James SetonSt. Thomas More7th Boys AA
1/13/183:00 PMSt. Albert ElementaryHoly CrossSt. Albert #16th Boys A
1/14/1812:00 PMSt. Pius LeoSt. Margaret MarySt. Pius Leo5th Girls Non-Competitive
1/14/201812:00 PMSt. VincentSt. ColumbkilleSt. Vincent6th Girls Competitive
1/14/181:10 PMSt. Pius LeoSt. Pius LeoSt. Robert7th Girls A
1/14/20181:20 PMRoncalliMary Our QueenSt. James Seton6th Girls Competitive
1/14/182:20 PMSt. PatrickSt. BernardSt. Patrick5th Girls Competitive
1/14/182:20 PMSt. VincentSt. BernardSt. Vincent8th Boys A National
1/14/183:30 PMSt. Mary OmahaSt. ColumbkilleSt. James Seton8th Boys AAA
1/14/183:30 PMSt. PatrickSt. PatrickSt. Robert White5th Boys NC Bronco
1/14/183:30 PMSt. Pius LeoChrist the KingSt. Pius #28th Boys A American
1/14/184:35 PMRoncalliMary Our QueenSt. James Seton7th Boys B National
1/14/185:40 PMRoncalliLifegate ChristianSt. James Seton8th Girls B American