2022-23 PAL  Tournament Champions / Runners-Up

3rd Girls Silver       St Patrick / St Pius Leo

3rd Girls Gold         St Columbkille / St Vincent

3rd Boys Bronze   Our Lady of Lourdes / St Pius Leo

3th Boys Silver      St Gerald / Christ The King

3th Boys Gold        St James Seton / St Pius Leo


4th Girls Bronze    St Margaret Mary / Concordia Acad

4th Girls Silver       St Gerald / Christ The King

4th Girls Gold        St Wenceslaus White / St Wenceslaus Blue


4th Boys Bronze    St Wenceslaus / St Margaret Mary

4thBoys Silver       St. Wenceslaus / St Margaret Mary

4th Boys Gold        St Vincent /Christ The King

4th Boys Platinum St Robert Black / St Robert Red


5th Girls B Silver   St Pius Leo / St Robert

5th Girls B Gold     St Margaret Mary / St Bernadette

5th Girls A        St. Cecilia / St Columbkille

5th Boys B Silver   St Columbkille / Bergan Catholic

5th Boys B Gold    St Bernard / Our Lady of Lourdes

5th Boys A        St Stephen / St Pius Leo

5th Boys AA           St Robert / St Patrick


6th Girls B Silver   St Thomas More / St Patrick

6th Girls B Gold     Christ The King / St Stephen

6th Girls A          St. Wenceslaus / St Stephen

6th Boys B              St Robert / Brownell Talbot

6th Boys A          St Pius Leo / St Stephen

6th Boys AA           Concordia Jr / St Patrick    

6th Boys AAA        St. Robert / St Wenceslaus


7th Girls B             Holy Cross / St Pius Leo

7th Girls A             Mary Our Queen / Concordia Jr

7th Boys B             St Stephen / St Wenceslaus

7th Boys A             St James Seton / St Vincent

7th Boys AA           Our Lady of Lourdes / St Matthew

7th Boys AAA        St Stephen / St Pius Leo


8th Girls B Silver  St Pius Leo / Mary Our Queen

8th Girls A             St Columbkille / St Stephen

8th Boys B Silver Holy Spirit / St Wenceslaus

8th Boys B Gold    St Robert / St Stephen

8th Boys A Silver   St Columbkille / St Wenceslaus

8th Boys A Gold   Holy Cross / St James Seton

8th Boys AA         Christ The King / St Patrick

8th Boys AAA        St Patrick / St Wenceslaus