Daily attendance & Rehearsals:

Daily attendance sheets will be kept.  Dancers MUST be on time to all rehearsals, meetings and performances.  If a dancer must leave a practice early, a written note or email from a parent must be presented to Mrs. Coleman.  Driver's Ed must be planned around rehearsal schedules.  Work schedules cannot interfere, or example consistently leaving early from rehearsals to get to a job.  

SCHEDULE 1: will run from August 15th until Dance Show (November).  After school rehearsals will occur 2x week.  Days TBD.  Additional mandatory practices may be held on other days.  Within this season we will have our Dance Show early November, where  2 weeks prior practices will be daily and mandatory.  

BREAK - November 13th thru January 22nd.....pending Orchesis invite info.

SCHEDULE II:  Will run starting January 23rd until V-Show.  After school rehearsals will be 2x a week.  Days TBD.

EXTRA REHEARSALS:  Schedules may fluctuate and additional practices may be necessary near Homecoming or Shows.

GROUP OUTINGS:  We will plan 2-3 group outings each year.  (Dinners, Shows, or fun bonding trips)

DANCE FESTIVAL: Early May......a great dance event.