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Chotangpur Art Research & Development Society (CARDS), a group of creative visual artist of Jharkhand have been, since 1984, successfully organizing, National Level Art Camps Palash at Ranchi, which include:

  • On spot painting/sculpting/installation by prominent artists.
  • Art Exhibition.
  • Display of the production process of Folk Art /Craft by the traditional artist/craftsman.
  • Interaction among artists, and between Art-Lovers and artists.
  •  Discussions / Lectures on Contemporary Art Scene.
  • Slides shows. 
  • Printed Catalogue/Souvenir, commemorative and relevant to the event.


 Sarbari Roy Choudhary working on clay at Palash'03, the National Art Camp held at Hotel Ashok, Ranchi.

















A painting by renowned artist Shree Suvaprasanna,  created in the  Palash  Art Camp.




Bapu, a sculpture created by Prof. Sarbari Roy Choudhary, in  Palash  Art Camp.




A painting jointly done by members of CARDS at Damodar Bachao Andolan workshop.