QUAVER 2008 Programme
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Friday 18th April, King's Manor K/133

10.00 Registration and coffee

10.30 Welcome

Session 1: Ecology and morphology

10.40  Flora Gröning & Paul O'Higgins: Finite element modelling of anterior dental loading in modern human and

          Neanderthal mandibles

11.00  Olga Panagiotopoulou & Sam Cobb: Determinants of symphyseal form in the mandible: biomechanical and

           spatial models during ontogeny

11.20  Carlo Meloro: Feeding ecology in Plio-Pleistocene large carnivores: a geometric morphometric approach

11.40  Sarah Elton: Geographic and environmental influences on monkey morphology

12.00  Julien Louys: Reconstructing palaeohabitats of Pleistocene Southeast Asia using taxon-free analysis

12.20  Carlo Meloro, Sarah Elton, Laura Bishop, Julien Louys & Pete Ditchfield: Diets, body sizes and locomotor

           adaptations: examining the palaeohabitats of East African Plio-Pleistocene sites

12.25  Wendy Dirks: Biorhythms in large and small elephantids

12.30 - 14.00 Lunch

Session 2: Cave research

14.00  Hannah Russ: Potential fish bone accumulators on Pleistocene sites in Europe

14.20  Terry O'Connor: Recent work in Yorkshire caves

14.40  Dave Wilkinson: Update on work on the Helsfell cave collections from Southern Cumbria

14.45  Tom Lord: Exploring gaps in the record

15.05  Mike Buckley, S.W. Kansa, S. Campbell, Kirsty Penkman, Terry O'Connor, A. Chamberlain, Nigel Larkin,

            J. Thomas-Oates & Matthew Collins: Bone barcoding: a cheap molecular based method to identify bone


15.25 -16.00 Tea

Session 3: Morphology through time

16.00  Eline van Asperen: Horses and late Middle Pleistocene biostratigraphy of the British Isles

16.20  Barnaby Crocker: Morphology as a tool for stratigraphy? The use of skeletal anatomy of the woolly

           rhinoceros in diagnosing specimen provenance and age

16.40  Julia Cussans: Changes in the size and shape of domestic mammals in the North Atlantic region over time

16.45  Deborah Tunney: Shifting environmental conditions in Britain during the Last Glacial as reflected in isotope

           ratios in archaeological fauna

16.50  Julia Lee-Thorp, Maura Pellegrini, Randolph E. Donahue, Carolyn Chenery, Jane Evans, Janet Montgomery

           & Margherita Mussi: The hunter-gatherer seasonal mobility model: testing altitudinal faunal movement in

          Central Italy using sequential isotope analyses of teeth

17.10  Finish, pub and informal dinner in York


Saturday 19th April 2008, King's Manor K/G62 and Yorkshire Museum

10.30 - 12.30  King's Manor K/G62: Victoria Cave Ipswichian assemblage

12.30 - 14.00  Lunch

14.00 - 15.30  Yorkshire Museum: Kirkdale Cave assemblage