Nonhlanhla Dlamini

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Nonhlanhla Dlamini

Marie Curie EST

Research Fellow


Biology S Block

University of York

YO10 5DD


Research Project


Mammalian ecology at southern African Plio-Pleistocene palaeoanthropological sites


To date, much work on the major Pliocene and Pleistocene fossil assemblages from South Africa has focused on using non-hominin species found at palaeoanthropological sites to reconstruct palaeoenvironments. Less has been done to explore probable community structures and the impact that community members had on one another.

It is proposed that in this project a thorough examination of the mammalian assemblages found in the Plio-Pleistocene fossil record of South Africa is undertaken, using existing published species lists (e.g. from the Paleobiology Database) as well as direct examination of museum collections. This work will then be used to reconstruct Plio-Pleistocene community ecology, a task that will be informed by study of the composition and structure of modern African mammalian communities in different environments. The data for this project will come from South Africa. Comparative data will be collected in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Sarah Elton of the Functional Morphology and Evolution Research Unit (FME), Hull York Medical School (HYMS) is supervising this project.


Research Interests


            - Mammalian Ecology

            - Taphonomy

            - Biological/Forensic Anthropology

            - Palaeopathology

            - Human Osteology

            - African Archaeology

            - Anatomy