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Jorge Caro Saiz
Ed. Interfacultativo. Avenida de los castros s/n. Santander (Spain), 39005.
Tf: (0034) 610 404 533


The proposed project is focussed on the research about de social and economic development of the groups of hunter-gatherers from the Upper Palaeoltithic of northern Spain, with the aim of opening a new way of investigation based on the pre-eminent role that dynamic interaction between societies play as a causal explanation of the variations in cultural material that we observe on the archaeological record.


In order to test this hypothesis, the study will made through the perspective that this development must to be seen as a process of continuous change, which is going to explain the large scale changes. The spatial and temporal range chosen for developing the project is the Asón River Valley (Cantabria, Spain) during the Magdalenian. The investigation will be based on the partial analysis of lithic industries recovered through the sequence on Miron´s Cave (Ramales de la Victoria, East Cantabria, Spain). After that, this information will be put in relation with the rest of information available, material and documental.