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G A King

Marie Curie EST Short Term Research Fellow 

University of York

Department of Archaeology

The King's Manor

Exhibition Square

York YO1 7EP

United Kingdom

Tel.    +44 (0)1904434961      


Figure 1: Sitophilus granarius from Low Petergate, York

Research Project


The alien presence: Entomoarchaeological 

approaches to exchange and migration


The origination points for the transportation and exchange of food plant-based goods in the past can oftentimes be archaeologically invisible without the assistance of historical documents.  My project aims to develop a methodological approach for the utilisation of insect remains for discerning past culture contact.  The objective is to use species biogeography, phylogeography using ancient DNA, and  isotopic analysis of chitin to trace the past exchange of food and goods by tracking the movement of their associated pests.  My research is conducted under the supervision of   Dr Harry Kenward of the Centre for Human Palaeoecology.




Research Interests

  • The application of insect fossils for the reconstruction of past climates and environments
  • The ecological relationships between insect species and trade products
  • The integration of entomoarchaeology with the areas of biomolecular archaeology, phylogeography, and history
  • The archaeological visibility of the impact of pests and the use of pest control methods in the past