Stenocybus acidentatus

Stenocybus is an extinct genus of small dinocephalian therapsid that lived during the Middle Permian Period (Roadian) around 270 million years ago. It may have been an anteosaur (large carnivorous dinocephalian therapsid). The type specimen which includes, an almost complete skull measuring between 12 and 15 cm was discovered in China and described in 1997. Only one species of Stenocybus has been assigned; acidentatus. 


Stenocybus acidentatus


Cheng & Li, 1997

Meaning of the generic name


Skull length: 12 cm , Length: ? 0.7 m


Holotype: skull.

Age and Distribution

Horizon: Xidagou Formation, Middle Permian (Wordian or Capitanian).
Type locality:
Dashankou locality, Yumen, Gansu Province, China.


Synapsida Therapsida Dinocephalia Anteosauria Stenocybidae

  Further Reading

  Cheng, Z., Li, J., 1997. A new genus of primitive dinocephalian, Vert. PalAsiat., 35(1): 35. 



Life reconstruction of Stenocybus acidentatus (© D. Bogdanov)

Skull reconstruction of Stenocybus acidentatus. After Cheng & Li, 1997.