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Arctops willistoni

This is rather shadowy genus known from three skulls which might or might not belong to the same species, A. willistoni (?=A. watsoni) . Three additional  but rather dubious species were also assigned to the genus: ?A. ferox, ?A. kitchingi, ?A. minor. It is quite possible that Arctops represent the adult form of the genus Scylacognathus and would therefore be a synonym of the latter (Gebauer, 2007).


Arctops willistoni


Watson, 1914 

Meaning of the generic name

Bear face


Skull length: 30 cm ,Length: 2 m?


Holotype (BMNH 4099): badly preserved partial skull
Referred specimens: BPI 263 (Holotype of Arctops watsoni, a well preserved skull), BPI 395 (skull, A. cf watsoni)

Age and Distribution

Horizon: Cistecephalus assemblage zone, Beaufort group, Upper Permian (Wuchiapingian). The holotype BMNH 4099 is described from being from the Tapinocephalus zone, but this might be a mistake as its exact provenance is unknown.
Type locality:
Karoo basin, South Africa.


Synapsida Therapsida Gorgonopsia Gorgonopsidae

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  Arctops watsoni Brink & Kitching, 1953

Life reconstruction of Arctops willistoni (© N. Tamura)