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Anthracodromeus longipes


Anthracodromeus longipes


(Cope, 1875) Carroll & Baird, 1972

Meaning of the generic name

From Greek 'Anthracos' (coal) and 'Dromeus' (runner).
 Meaning of the specific name

 long foot


Skull length: , Length: ?16 cm


Holotype (AMNH 6940 (formerly 1099G)): nearly complete skeleton

Age and Distribution

Horizon: Westphalian D, Upper Carboniferous (Moscovian).
Locality: Linton, Ohio, US


 Eureptilia Romeriida Protothyrididae

  Further Reading

  E. D. Cope. 1875. Supplement to the Extinct Batrachia and Reptilia of North America I. Catalogue of the Air Breathing Vertebrata from the Coal Measures of Linton, Ohio. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, New Series 15(2):261-278.
Carroll, R. L. and Baird, D., 1972, Carboniferous Stem-Reptiles of the Family Romeriidae: Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard, v. 143, n. 5, p. 321-364.

  Synonyms   Sauropleura longipes Cope, 1875; Tuditanus longipes (Cope, 1875)