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Eoherpeton watsoni

Eoherpeton watsoni is known from a single crushed skull from the Lower carboniferous of Scotland which was initially attributed by Watson in 1929 to the species Pholidogaster pisciformis. However, Panchen reexamined the skull and erected the new genus Eoherpeton in 1975. Eoherpeton was a rather large (skull measured 15 cm thus a total length estimate of 1 m) early tetrapod of uncertain affinities. It was classified as an Anthracosaur, an Embolomeri, a Gephyrostegid, but can be neither of them.


Eoherpeton watsoni


Panchen, 1975

Meaning of the generic name

Early Crawler


Length: 1 m


A crushed skull and fragments of pectoral girdle.

Age and Distribution

Gilmerton Ironstone, Midlothian (Upper Visean-basal Namurian), Scotland, UK


Tetrapoda Emblomeri Eoherpetontidae

   Further Reading

Panchen, A.L.  (1975). A new genus and species of anthracosaur amphibian from the Lower Carboniferous of Scotland and the status of Pholidogaster pisciformis Huxley. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, B.   269: 581-640.
Smithson, T.R. (1985). The morphology and relationships of the Carboniferous amphibian Eoherpeton watsoni Panchen. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society of London. 85: 317-410.


Illustration by N. Tamura

Skull of Eoherpeton watsoni, after Panchen, 1975