You Know You Play Mario RPGs Too Much When...

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Paper Mario

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Super Paper Mario


  • You can pronounce Geno’s real name.
  • Every time you get a new outfit you feel stronger.
  • You whack things with a hammer for fun.
  • You always look for red shoes.
  • You can tell if someone’s mean or nice depending on if they’re wearing sunglasses or not.
  • You go to the nearest foreign country and everyone’s green.
  • You stop wasting paper.
  • Violence solves everything.
  • You suddenly can’t carry any more money.
  • You give up on finding Luigi in Super Mario 64 but you HAVE found Mallow in it.
  • You have a true form but don’t show it until you get beaten up.
  • You go behind a curtain and come back looking the way you did about 10 or 20 years ago.
  • Stomping on the ground might help you get rich.
  • You know how to cook a Shroom Steak.
  • You stand within earshot of people and a speech bubble with dots in it appears above them.
  • You drew the Mona Lisa in the dirt on Toadbert’s drawing.
  • Mushroom Boy gives you something.
  • You call anyone who works under you “Rookie.”
  • You shout whatever emotions you happen to have loudly in public,  i.e. I HAVE DISGRUNTLEDNESS!
  • You get special discounts because you’ve got a nice mustache.
  • You’re looking for some sort of wish-granting star.
  • You hit people when they’re drinking water.
  • You go to the moon and still can breathe.
  • You stand on your brother… and he doesn’t mind.
  • You try to help scarecrows regain their true forms.
  • You look for the Zeostar exhibit at SeaWorld… but first you buy a souvenir from the nearby Shaman.
  • You figured out Princess Shroob was behind the invasion in War of the Worlds before any of your friends did.
  • Shaking bushes and trees is your favorite way to earn money.
  • Link in Rose Town Inn wakes up.
  • You go to the local bakery and destroy all the bundt cakes there are.
  • Your uncle tells you to check behind the couch for the remote control, so you flip into 3-D to look.

  • You send a bit of evidence that you play Mario RPGs too much (please do)!