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-Optional Pixls:
         -Barry: Barry is the sun-like Pixl you meet at the beginning of 3-1. He doesn't join you immediately but tells you to come back and let him know when you've saved Tippi. Don't forget to do this! He can create a barrier around your player to defend and attack.
         -Piccolo: Piccolo joins you after a simple sidequest. To begin this quest, talk to Merlee in her place at Flopside (directly, not from across the table). Her "power" is playing music. This can remove a few blocks, put a certain enemy to sleep, and heal curses (but not poison). She also changes some sound effects you make.
         -Dashell: Dashell is at the bottom of the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials. If you were disappointed at the lack of a dash button in a Mario sidescroller, then you'll love him. You'll be able to run quite recklessly by holding 1.
         -Tiptron: At the end of the game, you'll no longer have Tippi... So what of any invisible objects you missed? Go to Fort Francis with 999 coins in hand and you can buy a robotic replica he created.
-Stylish Moves: What, you didn't read the back of the box or the manual? For shame! Shake the Wii Remote after stomping an enemy for extra points...
-Remember the 1-Up trick from Super Mario Bros. in which you'd get a Koopa on a stair and land on it repeatedly? You can do the same in Super Paper Mario for a bunch of points, but if you keep it up too long you'll LOSE massive amounts of points.
-Too far from the key in a Pit of 100 Trials? This sometimes happens if you had one of those Soccer Koopas kick shells into himself to death... Well, just flip, and the key will fall down to the lowest part of the floor, along with you. Also, flipping will usually make reaching doors much faster.
-Place Boomer on the ground and switch him out with another Pixl before he explodes. The pixl you chose will appear, but Boomer will not disappear until detonation. You can try combos, like tossing him with Thoreau!
Found by Mr. Melee.
-After you get Luigi, go to the Whoa Zone (4-4). Anytime you are on the ceiling or the left wall, the L on Luigi's cap will be backwards.
-After defeating Super Dimentio, saving, and returning to Flipside, the tag that shows where you are at the bottom of the screep upon entering will read "Flipside 2nd Floor," but you're really at the top of the tower.
-After completing the Duel of 100, change into Bowser and jump on the Star Block. Walk to the left edge on it until the Control Pad icon appears, and press Up. The door will open and Bowser will "enter", although he's floating 6 feet off the ground and then disappears.
All glitches found by NintendoExpert89.