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-The key the Belome statue in the temple wants is seen on top of a house in Monstro town. Talk to the Thwomp inside a few times and it'll fall down.

-Not really helpful, but to change the direction of the flying objects on the menu screen, hold L, R, and press the D Pad in the desired direction.

-There is a house in Nimbus Land to the northeast that appears to be deserted. After Valentina is defeated, Croco will be there and drop a Signal Ring when you catch him (he runs without a fight). When equipped to one of your three fighters, you will hear a noise indicating a hidden ? box in the area.

-To get the Lazy Shell weapon and armor, talk to the Rat Funk in Monstro Town. He'll mention a crazy man in Rose Town. Second step: take the seed from Bean Valley (the paper that falls down when you beat MegaSmilax). Lastly: There is a long strip of invisible floor in Nimbus land, off to the southeast. You'll find it if you walk south from the house where Croco drops the Signal Ring. Take these to the Gardener in Rose Town (a path will appear behind the Item Shop) and climbe the vine. There is a weapon for Mario (strongest weapon in the game) and armor for anyone you want to put it on. The armor makes the wearer next to invincible, but makes your attack and magic attack power pathetic. It is common for one to equip the armor to Toadstool, as she can raise any fallen party member when necessary.

-To fight Culex, the hidden strongest boss (stronger than Smithy), buy Fireworks from the man making them in Moleville. Trade the fireworks to the little girl outside for a Shiny Stone (aww, look at her blow her arm off). Take the stone to Monstro Town, it will open the sealed door. Culex is there. Ahem...


Now that you know that, I can explain further. He has four Crystals, Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. Those crystals are killers just like Culex. The Lazy Shell is almost required.

-Toadofsky's Song solution

-To get to Grate Guy's casino, you must do the following. First, go up Booster Tower after you get the fourth Star Piece. Knife Guy will be there. He'll play a "what hand is it in" game with you. Win 10 times or so (it doesn't have to be in a row) and he'll give you a Bright Card. Go to Bean Valley and go down the pipe nearest the Save Block in the area with all the pipes. You'll have to wait for the Shy Away to water the Piranha Plant in the pipe to fight it and get it out of the way, but don't worry... it'll just be a team of regular enemies as opposed to another tedious battle with MegaSmilax. Go down the pipe as I said. Down there is an invisible platform (it's above a Chain Chomp I believe), and you must jump beneath it to use it. Use it to reach the upper level, and you'll find the Casino. The Bright Card is needed to get in. Now, Grate Guy will play Look the Other Way with you if you talk to him enough. Win 100 times (not in a row, just win) to get a Star Egg. It's like a Rock Candy, but you can use it indefinitely.
-To get to the "something NICE" the guy in Rose Town mentions, follow his directions through Mario's eyes.
-To work as a bellhop in Marrymore Hotel, sleep... a lot... in the suite. As many times as it would take to have to be charged more coins than you have.You can save if you jump to the Save Block from that Toad's head, but you're not supposed to be able to. You might get some nice things from the customers.
-Try to save over another file (so the game will ask if you're sure you want to overwrite), and answer, "No," nine times. The tenth time, answer, "Yes," and Mario will either turn away bent over or act like Exor.



-When Bowser is in your party, go to The Mushroom Kingdom. Open the door of the house where the little green toad runs around and around but don't go inside. Talk to the toad and Bowser will laugh when she mentions getting hitched with Mario. She'll run into the house, frightened, but since the door was already open a glitch occurs... you can walk through the closed door without it opening.

-In the second battle with Croco, he will dash into Mallow to steal your items. If Mallow happens to be dead when this happens, Mallow will stand right up though he can't battle.

-Stand on a Piranha Plant in Bean Valley before the Shy Away waters it. When it grows, it won't notice the plumber on its head... hahaha.