Paper Mario Star Pieces

You'll want to kill the first guy to use the phrase "Spin Jump" after reading this.

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Paper Mario

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Super Paper Mario


Goomba Village
On your way back form getting the hammer, there’s one up on the ledge. Go east and jump up there.

As soon as you’ve got the hammer, whack one of the trees to get a Princess Peach doll. Give it to Goombaria for a star piece.

Once you can spin jump, you can unearth a star piece near where the old veranda fell.

Return to the clearing where you fell from the sky. A star piece can be found by spin jumping there.

Goomba Road
Hit the tree closest to King Goomba’s fort.

On the east side of the fort, spin jump a little north of the path.

Shooting Star Summit
Walk around to the north at the bottom to find one n the ground.

Cross the bridge away the debris of Peach’s castle and spin jump.

One step up from the bottom and spin jump.

Spin jump outside of Merluvlee’s house.

Toad Town
Hit the tree west of Merlon’s house.

With Sushie’s help, swim over the pond in Toad Town Square to get one.

Get Russ T.’s dictionary back from the Shy Guys and he’ll give you a star piece.

Get the mailbag from the Shy Guys and give it to the post office for a star piece.

There’s a star piece in Toad Town Tunnels you can get after chapter 2. Smash the stone block, and hop over some scale lifts and use Parakarry.

Down the stairs from the dojo and across the path, spin jump in the grass.

Spin jump a little south of Fice T.’s guard house.

Spin jump a bit southeast from the save block in the port.

Spin jump far east of the south side of the train tracks.

Pleasant Path
Hit a tree before the series of arches/

South of the westernmost bridge. Use Kooper.

Spin jump around the candy canes above the entrance to Koopa Village.

Spin jump past the long bridge east of Koopa Village.

Koopa Village
After you get Kooper’s Shell, a star piece appears above the checkerboard pattern in the grass.

Spin jump a little south of the shop.

Mt. Rugged
On a wooden platform west of Buzzar’s nest.

On your way to one of the letters, you might notice one near the red springboard. Parakarry’s gotta help you out here.

Spin Jump a little east of the second save block.

Dry Dry Desert
If you find the Ancient Artifact in Dry Dry Ruins, give it to Kolorado for a star piece.

In the absolute middle of the desert, right in front of the stone cactus. Yeah, you know what to do.

Dry Dry Outpost
Climbing the buildings to meet Moustafa, you’ll see a roof shaped like an “L.” Spin jump.

Dry Dry Ruins
When you drain some sand, you’ll see buried treasure. w00t.

Boo’s Mansion
In the basement where you find the Portrait, there’s two boxes, one on top of the other. There’s a star piece inside the one at the bottom.

When you’ve got the super boots, you can spin jump and get all those freakin’ star pieces in the ground. One is in the room right where you get those boots.

In the foyer, spin jump on the carpet.

In the easternmost room of the second floor, spin jump on the carpet.

Gusty Gulch
Right after you go through the gate between forest and gulch, do a… a ground pound. Yes.

Walk behind that rock on the way to the castle for an actually visible star piece.

Tubba Blubba’s Castle
There’s one on that giant table that you actually DON’T HAVE TO DO A FREAKIN’ SPIN JUMP TO GET. So drop onto the table from above.

You’ll find a star piece on a desk in the second room off the hall to the west of the entrance.

Shy Guy’s Toy Box
Look for one behind a green block east of Blue Station.

At the top of a huge dollhouse, have Parakarry fly you to the left.

Below the chest with Russ T.’s dictionary. Wait for the blocks to lower and let you through.

Spin jump a little south of Blue Station.

Yeah, you know what to do a bit south of Pink Station.

Same at Green Station.

Repeat at Red Station.

Jade Jungle
Hammer a tree on the east end of the beach.

When Sushie joins your party, swim to an island nearby.

There’s a star piece underwater where you find the blue yoshi.

On your way to Raphael the Raven’s place, ---- ---- west of the 3 Putrid Piranhas.

Yoshi’s Village
In front of the Raven Statue, there’s an uncompleted sentence that you know the ending to.

Mt. Lavalava
Spin jump south of the super block in the large room.

Before you go downstairs to beat Lava Piranha up, spin jump.

Flower Fields
When you enter the path to the Sun’s Tower, you’ll see a Star Piece on a ledge. West, up, east.

East of the blue berry tree, walk into the shoulder-high flowers.

A few paces southwest of Petunia is a bush. North of that bush is a spin jump.

Spin jump on the east side of the area where the Bubble Berry tree grows.

South of the yellow berry tree. It’s not visible, “So I’m gonna have to jump!”

Spin jump on the east edge of the ledge where the super block is on the way to the Puff Puff Machine is I almost never use run on sentences.

Shiver City
Under those 4 talking penguins. You’ll have to make them leave to get it. Talk to one of them when you're clear of all charges.

Shiver Snowfield
South of the Shiver Mountain entrance. By now, you can Tornado Jump or even Ultra Hammer to get it.

Shiver Mountain
The only one here is down the cliff from the Save Block outside the Crystal Palace entrance.

Crystal Palace
Try exiting the palace through the mirror image.

Spin jump in the room with the giant statue on the red door floor.

The room with the small statue is a mirror image of the one with the giant statue.

Rip Cheato sells a long list of secret items for 64 coins each. The first, fifth, and tenth are star pieces.

You’ll get 11 for delivering letters.

And 64 of them are from Chuck Quizmo’s Quiz.