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If you forgot to tattle on an enemy that you only fight once, like Hooktail, Magnus, Macho Grubba, etc, you might find the information for the tattle log in Professor Frankly’s yellow trash can. This also works for other foes.

-During the game, you’ll get six partners. However, after getting the fourth Crystal Star from Doopliss, you can get Ms. Mowz. Just help out “???” from the trouble center. It’s easier than it sounds, and it’s totally worth the extra help, and the exposure of items.

-The Strange sack is a useful item that lets you hold up to twenty items. You can get it after level 50 in the pit of 100 trials.

-You can buy Mushrooms for 5 coins to get shop points, have Zess T. cook them, and sell them for 5 coins. This way, you won’t waste any coins.
-If you super defend when a Pokey throws a spiny body segment at you, it'll fly back and cause more damage. Poison Pokeys take 4 damage from this.

-Jump on the 10th stump from the left in that line of stumps in Boggly Woods.

-Spring Jump on that block required to progress on Keelhaul Key.

-Jump in front of the tree on the far left in the first area of Fahr Outpost.

-A super badge combo to ensure total success: Jumpman, Spike Shield, Ice Power, All or Nothing, Power Plus. You’ll never take damage from a jump and you’ll do a lot of damage.
-Get Ms. Mowz after getting the fourth Crystal Star. If at any time before Bobbery joins your party she is not out and you use an item outside of battle, she won't appear on the list of partners. Bobbery's name and icon will.If you use an item on him, nothing will happen...
-This one is rather hard to explain, but it's harder not to get it right. Stand anywhere on either of the two roofs in Rogueport's east side that form an M-shape. Roll up into Tube Mode. Fall to the center and move towards or away from the camera. There will be two semi-transparent Marios, one on the left roof and one on the right. This is actually an illusion caused since Mario is constantly switching from being on one roof and being on the other. You can mode around and unroll freely, but if you don't touch the control stick Mario will roll off the roofs...
-Stand on any slanted surface, roll up, and pause. While paused, Mario will gain momentum from being on the slope but won't move. When you un-pause, Mario will roll really quickly. The interesting thing is that if you were rolling up the slope when you paused, Mario will roll up the slope quickly.
-There is an invisible platform above the gate in front of Creepy Steeple for some reason, high up and off-screen. You may hit your head on it from below or even land on it if you Spring Jump. Stand betwen the open gates and you're bound to hit it.