Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Only one thing better than a Mario game or a Luigi game: a Mario AND Luigi game.

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  • System: Game Boy Advance
  • Delevoper: AlphaDream
  • Also Known As: Mario & Luigi
  • Release: November 17th, 2003
  • Save Files: 3

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is just about my favorite GBA game. It isn't completely an RPG--you'll be using all kinds of crazy moves to get around on the overworld. There's a huge cast of memorable new characters, brand new lands, and funny little jokes. If you have a GBA, do yourself a favor and get this game.

The ambassador from the Beanbean Kingdom has arrived at Peach's Castle to present a gift. But not just any gift, this is a voice-sucking gift. The ambassador is really Cackletta, the evil beanish witch from the Beanbean Kingdom. She and her henchman, Fawful, flee back to the Beanbean kingdom. Mario, of course, is called upon to retrieve the voice, and Luigi is dragged along.

Not quite as notable, the GBA version of Mario Bros. featured on every Super Mario Advance game is also in Superstar Saga. It's almost humorous--it lost its amazingness after Super Mario World yet was featured on a total of five Game Boy Advance games--and on top of that, Mario Bros. was part of Famicom Mini Series Two (Classic NES Series in US) in Japan!! Just a short rant, carry on...

Hey, did you know...
-North America got the game before Japan?
-In the Japanese version, various things are made easier? Both brothers start with more BP, drinks you've already made at the cafe are marked, and a few HP and BP-restoring blocks are found.
-This is the most recent game in which the Koopalings appear (not counting ports and remakes of other games)?
-Fawful's manner of speech is a reference to Engrish?

Advanced Bros. Attacks

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