Mario & Luigi: PiT and War of the Worlds


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        I have seen the 2005 version of War of the Worlds twice and have played through Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time thrice (hey, I like the game). I noticed quite a few similarities and believe it's safe to say PiT was based on WotW. 

  • In both plots, the aliens desired a new place to live, jealous of the inhabitants of Earth.
  • The aliens in War of the Worlds covered the land with a red plant known as the red weed. The Shroobs covered The Mushroom Kingdom with their purple mushrooms (which, of course, is a fungus and not a plant... either way, this is a similarity.).
  • Aside from abducting humans, the War of the Worlds aliens also killed them with deadly heat rays that instantly turned them to dust. The Shroobs also didn't only abduct inhabitants of The Mushroom Kingdom, but zapped them with rays that turned them into purple mushrooms. 
  • In War of the Worlds, the aliens needed human blood to keep the red weed alive (which may be linked with their Tripods' power, as the weed begins to die as they malfunction). In Partners in Time, the Shroobs change "Vim" from Toads into fuel for their ships. As Swiggler is seen drinking a green liquid to send power to their ships, it could be that Vim is a bodily fluid in Toads.
  • The aliens in War of the Worlds were defeated by something seemingly weak and unexpected--germs. The Shroobs' bane was also astounding--baby tears. It could also be the germs that kill the red weed, which would be another thing. The rain of baby tear-like substance from E. Gadd's Hydrogush 4000 instantly causes the mushrooms to melt away.

       Of course, there are many differences as well, like the fact that Partners in Time had the element of time travel and other such stuff. Still... Partners in Time was released only five months after the theatrical release of War of the Worlds and a close six days after the DVD release (which obviously wouldn't have influenced development, but that would've made any alien-obsessed guy's week).