Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Slime creatures from outer space! They're not very nice to the human race!

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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

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  • System: Nintendo DS
  • Developer: AlphaDream
  • Also Known As: Mario & Luigi 2
  • Release: November 28th, 2005
  • Save Files: 2

Okay, first off, I'm going to say: almost everyone thinks M&L:PiT is good, but M&L:SS is just a little bit better. M&L:PiT is by no means a bad game... it's really a must-have for your DS collection. Controls are a little complicated at first, but you don't have as many powers to memorize... other than that it IS M&L:SS's sequel.

You start in the past. The Baby Mario Bros. are going to Peach's castle to play. When they enter the throne room, Prince Bowser attacks. Baby Mario beats him up, cut to the present. Professor Elvin Gadd has invented a time machine. Princess Peach is so fascinated that she hops right in and flies off to the past. When the machine returns, it's taken quite a bit of damage, and Peach isn't inside... Instead, a horrible Mushroom Alien from the long-unheard of planet Shroob. A time hole appears in the courtyard, and the Mario Bros. jump in as an attempt to save Peach. They meet their past selves, and the four embark on a portable journey to defeat the Shroobs forever.


Similarities with War of the Worlds (2005 film)