Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Cheats, Tips,  &Glitches

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-When you get your hammers reforged, smash the big ol' blocks in the Hammerhead Bros.' house. There is a Thwomp behind each, and they will charge you to play a "game." It's all luck, but you smash rocks to find things inside. From each game, you can win one scroll with the secrets of a new Bros. Attack (Mario wins Swing Bros. and Luigi gets Cyclone Bros.)
    -If you do this for money afterward, save between tries to ensure you gain and don't lose coins. 
-If you want a cheaper picture retake from the photographer in the Castle Town (uhhh, duh), just deny his price of 100 coins. He'll lower the price to 50.
-When Mario is mini, begin a High Jump. Before Luigi lands on Mario, have Mario jump and you will get a coin at the cost of 1 HP from Luigi. Jump repeatedly to get more. When Luigi's down to 1 HP, he'll shout and you won't get a coin.
-It wouldn't kill you to put on the Cobalt Necktie before paying a visit to a store, would it? Discounts and higher profits are an equip screen away.
-Kill a Gold Beanie, get a free Spike Badge.
-Make Mario small and go through a warp pipe. The background music won't change. Even when you come out of a different pipe, it will remain the same. This won't work if you try to change the background music of Joke's End, though. This also works if Mario is small as you descend the elevator from Little Fungitown, and there may be other Bros. actions that cause this when you use the pipe method.
-For some reason, when you make Luigi drink from the water spout in the northeastern area with the old man, he will make that weird grindy noise instead of the usual "bluhbluhbluhbluh..."
-If Popple steals a hammer, you will still have it if the other brother uses a Bros. Attack that involves it. For example, if Popple steals Luigi's hammer, Luigi will still have it if Mario uses Fire Bros.
-Also, if Popple steals a hammer after they've been reforged to Ultra form, it will somehow become a Super Hammer again when he uses it. Don't fret, it's still an Ultra Hammer for you.