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These are descriptions on how to get results out of Advanced Bros. Attacks. Note that you can only use Advanced attacks after successfully using the normal Bros. Attacks several times, and then Mario or Luigi will flash "ADVANCE!" If you attempt an Advanced attack before "ADVANCE" flashes for that particular attack, it will fail. I have included an animated GIF of each attack (er...). If a GIF for an attack hasn't been prepared, a terribly blurry MPEG will be included.

Splash Bros.- When the attack starts, press A like you would normally. When the time comes to push B to make Luigi jump up, press [A] instead! Mario will land on Luigi, and push B! Mario will shoot up. When he lands on the enemy, push A! The bonus: You can damage spiked enemies with this attack.


Swing Bros. (video)- The attack goes like normal at first. Press and hold A. Let go when the target flashes. Press B on contact with Luigi and enemy. Press A to catch Luigi, then when the Bros. are "squishing" the enemy, push A, B, A, B... The bonus: You might get an item by doing this!

Chopper Bros. (video)- Press A like normal, then when Mario lands on Luigi, press A! Luigi will tunnel under the enemy, then press B. While the enemy flies up, press A to pound Luigi again. Continue this in a Pound-Jump-Pound-Jump pattern. The bonus: You can cause damage forever if you never miss a command!

Fire Bros. (video)- Press A repeatedly, then when Mario throws the fireball, have Luigi hit it with the hammer. When it is right over Mario's head, press [A] to jump. This will keep the fireball there. Keep doing this, then when the last fireball is done, Mario will jump on Luigi. When he looks like he's going to spike it, press A! POW! The bonus: I’m not sure, but I’ll guess that you get a better chance at burning the foe, or it's simply more powerful this way.

Bounce Bros.- This one is very fast. Press A instead of B. When Luigi's head hits the ground, push B. When Luigi hits an enemy, push [B]. When Mario hits one, push A! The bonus: You can hit two enemies at once!

Knockback Bros. (video)- Press B, then as Luigi lifts his hammer, push [A]! Mario will jump. Press B to hit him, and A on contact. he will bounce back. Hit him again with B, and press A on contact, etc. The bonus: This move will go on forever if you don’t miss!

Cyclone Bros. (video)- Press B, then A repeatedly. you'll hit the enemy, and you can move with < or >. When the attack is over, press B, then A! The bonus: It’s clear that it does extra damage, but I think it could get an item like Swing... But, I don't use this attack often, Knockback Bros. is much more powerful.

Thunder Bros. (video)- Press B when thunder is fully charged. When he jumps, press A to move out of the way. Press A to hammer, then press B when he is under the enemy! The bonus: Style points, the attack power of the foe is lowered (while normally Thunder Bros. lowers defense), and it does extreme damage. (Super useful on Cackletta's head, at the end...)