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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Paper Mario

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Super Paper Mario


Super Mario RPG
- In Monstro Town, the Goomba triplets will sell you Mushrooms. These are not only defective in that they turn you into mushrooms, but the description reads "Recoers 30 HP, but..."
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
- In Little Fungitown, Luigi will get hypnotized by PsychoKamek. Go back and talk to Peach when this has been done and she will say "Wow, Luigi! You're face looks so much more... manly!"
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 
-When Goombella tattles on a Paragloomba, she compares it with a Parakoopa. Not only does she mean "Paragoomba," but the term for a winged Koopa is "Paratroopa." 
- In the Japanese version of the game, Rawk Hawk had one point of defense and four points of attack power. This was changed in the English version, in which he had no defense but 5 attack. However, the change wasn't noted in text at any point... Goombella and her tattle log still note him as having 1 defense and 4 attack.
-If your current party member is the Yoshi the first time you approach the large planetarium-like structure at the top of the Riddle Tower in the Palace of Shadow (not... not here, you know where I mean), he will address Mario by his name, "Mario! Check that out!" But of course, to him, Mario is The Great Gonzales. It's more than likely a mistake.
- In the pre-final battle sequence, when the Crystal Stars are out searching for positive energy to send to Mario, one of the Shellshockers appears with the other Glitzville citizens. It is very likely that King K was intended to be in this part (the Shady Koopa even speaks in the same manner as King K) but the sprite is that of a Shady Koopa.
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
-The description for Para Slacks is "Light Slacks with Parakoopa wings that give a tremendous speed boost." Of course, the word should be "Paratroopa."
- There are several errors in the Save Block text (the text that gives a synopsis of your recent achievements) that include unnecessary apostrophes. One example is, once the Shroobs have been defeated forever, the text is "The Shroob's have been beaten!"
- Perhaps just laziness on the graphics programmers' behalf, the leaves on Tashroobas' heads become green when they transform into ? Blocks instead of staying orange (as if they were Tanoombas). For in-battle transformations and the overworld Toad transformation, the palette change affects them and their tails remain purple. 
- On page 32 of the manual, "Shroom Shop," the text "Approach either side and speak to the sales-Toad to make the corresponding menu will appear." is shown under "Shopping." It seems the sentence structure was meant to be changed... if only people finished what they started.
I know I didn't get all the errors, but these are what I remember. As always, if you can contribute, please do.