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Birthdays -06-07-

3/6/09- Oh hi. I was checkin' my e-mail today and to my surprise found something related to this site. Funky. Well as should be evident by now, I'm just not into this anymore. In fact I left the chatroom forever about two months ago. Happens. I'm now thirty-seven and have sixty kids. Er, I mean, I'm now into webcomics and Brawl hacking and have an Xbox 360. 

So yup, it's been over for a while so I don't want any more e-mails. I'd say it was great but I'll go with "meh." Sure was a good springboard for HTML and stuff. I had a consistent perfect-and-up grade in my web design class last year because I spent like the whole first semester of my spare time there revamping the site and every time we had an assignment with topic freedom, I took advantage of what I had already done. It was nice but I have no mind to pick it up again. Would you like to paste a Mario & Luigi 3 logo one hundred times no you would not want to paste a Mario & Luigi 3 logo one hundred times. Not when I could be... drawing Yoshi wearing Mario's clothes... or something productive like that.

--Sam "BP" Laurel out

9/4/08- SMRPG has recently been added to the Wii Virtual Console. It's only 800 points, so quit being a filthy pirate and download it. (Unless, of course, you own a hard copy. In this case I salute you and your hardcoreness.) --Max

5/9/08- No, it's not over. A move has just been ready for a very long time, and it's not yet happened. No better time to reveal that than when something is  screwing around with the site's bandwidth, making all images unviewable...

11/30/07- Happy birthday, The Palace of Shadow.

10/31/07- Happy Halloween. Or, if you are not only a person who does not celebrate Halloween but are a person who gets disgruntled when innocently wished a happy day, have a completely normal and unexciting October 31st, amongst fellow humans posing as other famous humans or creatures.

Nothing is happening here... but I'm working so, so hard. Every day.

10/21/07- Rather large update to the Super Paper Mario images. Small update (four items) to the Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time images. In another time and place, the image pages will be much, much more organized...

9/15/07- Added links to pages under each category in the sidebar here on the main page. If you're an IE6 user you'll have to scroll down to see it, though, am I right?

7/17/07- Someone call a doctor, 'cause I'm sick of Proboards. But wait, I am the doctor and have prescribed a relocation. Big deal, it's not like anyone ever posted anything there anyway... I don't expect much more but c'mon, we've been on Proboards since January of last year (Piczo era). The link is where it should be.

7/16/07- Paper Mario was released on the Virtual Console today, good news for you N64-less people. Really, go buy it. It's a great game. Of course, it's 1000 Wii points--the usual for Nintendo 64 games on the Virtual Console. Source. Also, folks, it's nearing the 1 year anniversary of my staff membership, and what not a better way to commemorate it with my walkthrough? I'll have it done by August 10th, the date I agreed to write it last year. And this time I mean it.  Additionally, a friend of our site, Mr. Melee, has provided us with a glitch for Super Paper Mario, which he claims to have known about for a long time. Thanks for telling us so early! ~ SolidShroom


5/29/07- And there it is. Don't hang around for stats this month.

5/28/07- I have returnedness! I have a lot to do tomorrow, and putting up that walkthrough will be one of those things.

NEWS! Paper Mario has been confirmed for the Wii Virtual Console, so all you Wii-owning Nintendo 64-less people can be blessed by its wonders. No release date yet. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is STILL on this list, and we still have no word on release in PAL regions. Keep hoping, especially if you're European. I'm on your side, blimey!

...To be honest this was news six days ago. What can I say? I haven't had Internet access for weeks. -BP

5/15/07- Bird Person has been away from the Internet for a few days. Luckily, this gave him time to finish the SPM walkthrough! I've gotten a peek at the part for Chapter 1 (one of the perks of being staff), and it's still got his humorous tone in it. It should be live soon.

I also found a new SPM glitch yesterday. However, Firefox won't let me edit certain pages right now (including the SPM cheats/tips and glitches page), so I'll save it for later. -MaxVance

4/24/07- Three new Super Paper Mario images (beware of spoilers... if you don't want spoilers you really shouldn't be looking at SPM-related stuff anyway, silly), and images of the Yoshi variants for The Thousand-Year Door added.

4/19/07- Super Paper Mario Cheats/Tips and Glitches hath been added. Yea verily! BEWARE OF SPOILERS. -Bold Person.

4/15/07- I got SPM on Tuesday and beat it Friday. I play these too quickly... but it was a decent 25 hours of awesomeness! A walkthrough and some tips and tricks will come soon.  

I scanned the box and added it to the pile of images. -BP

4/9/07- Super Paper Mario has been released. We'll give you a few days to get it, unless you don't have a Wii, in which case we'll give you a few days to get one of those too. -MaxVance

For those of you who go to GameStop for your games, they insist it's released tomorrow. That's why I don't have it yet. I'll probably have it tomorrow; I get paid and GameStop will have it. If I do, in fact, get it tommorrow, you should all expect a review. ~ SolidShroom

4/1/07- Stats.

3/26/07- Four new Paper Mario Screenshots. I make it sound like we're awaiting the game's release...

3/25/07- Five more M&L:SS MP3s, some M&L:SS Screenshots. Yes, I am... finally using some resources to my advantage. 

3/24/07- Only four as of now, but I have begun to record MP3s from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. There will be many more, but here are just a few to whet your appetite. 

3/18/07- Light reading on similarities between Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds added.

3/11/07- Super Paper Mario Image section added. Other images added here and there, some replaced by higher-quality ones. 

3/10/07- Okay, maybe I'll do some things today. Scanned and uploaded box art for Superstar Saga and Partners in Time, Photoshopping imperfections out (the back of the SS box couldn't be saved) and realized that the Partners in Time page hadn't been added (fixed it).  

3/9/07- Work really ends now! It is finished! To Tripod I jovially say: Good-bye! Farewell! Sayonara! Hasta la vista! Don't hit your butt on the way out!

Notable changes:

-New TITLE that does not suck

-New navigation bar images that are not JPEGgy

-Removal of some unnecessary pages (i.e. ones that'd take way too much time to do, the reviews)

-No more ads! The Lord is with us on this holy night.

-Everything is here. No more Imageshack hosting.

-The Super Paper Mario section is official.

-White-on-black pages as opposed to black-on-gray pages. I likey.

So what do you think? I thought it was gonna take five days, but I got it done in four. My weekend will be total relaxation and gaming. -BirdPerson. 

3/6/07-Work REALLY begins now. Most links lead to blank pages--I can't do this overnight, you now. Patience my children. If you're going to die without the specific detail of information, the Tripod site is not going to be blown up this time. -Bird Person

2/10/07- We've come a long way, haven't we? After much procrastination and dread of countless hours of HTMLing, I came to a very simple solution: just copy and paste everything from The Thousand-Year Popup Window to here!  So, welcome to the new site; The Palace of Shadow. Between anything I'll have to do this weekend (a three-day weekend, fortunately), I'll be working. It'll all be worthwhile.

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