Chinese Antique Jades Authentication, Appreciation & Appraisal

The website you are visiting aims at providing you information on the authentication, appreciation and appraisal of genuine Chinese jade artifacts. All items listed here have microscopic images for examining the detail of antiquity evidences. The description of each item includes all elements related to the authentication, appreciation and appraisal of Chinese antique jades.  Your feedback is most welcomed.   ( for Chinese version, please visit )   You may also visit my Chinese blogs here:

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Jade Authentication--------Scientific Method
Jade Authentication--------On the Changing Form of Jade Antiques
Jade Authentication--------Ritual Jade Artifacts in Ancient China
Jade Appreciation----------The Admirable Buddhist Jade Carving Arts
Jade Appreciation----------The Lovely Mutton Fat White Jades
Jade Appreciation--------------Seal of Empress of the Chin Dynasy 
Jade Appraisal-------------How to Appraise Chinese Jade Artifacts?

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