We Sell Very Good Quality Of Textile Waste, Cotton Waste, Raw Cotton, Cotton Linter, Cottton Yarn, Cotton Seeds And Rice. For Further Details Please Email ur Words
Exporter of cotton waste / textile waste / spinning mills waste etc from Pakistan

We are one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of all kind of Textile Waste / Cotton Waste, Raw Cotton, Cotton Linter, Cotton Yarn, Cotton Seed and Rice from Pakistan. Having its manufacturing units in Faisalabad, Multan, Okara, Lahore, Hyderabad and Karachi. (Cities of Pakistan).

Details of all the above mentioned products are given as under;


1, Textile Waste.

All types of Textile waste / Cotton waste are given as under;

  1. Card Comber
  2. Comber Noil.       
  3. Comber (Artificial).                        
  4. Card Dropping
  5. Roving.                                            
  6. Card Fly
  7. Pneumafil.                                         
  8. Willow Dropping
  9. Artificial Pneumaufil.                          
  10. Willow Fly
  11. Gin Motes.                                        
  12. Shoddy
  13. Lickreen.                                           
  14. Denim Cuttings (Heavy / Light)
  15. Dropping Waste.                               
  16. Hosiery Clips (Bleached / Unbleached)
  17. Cotton Yarn waste.                            
  18. Cotton Linters (Artificial)
  19. Card Waste.                                     
  20. Cotton Waste for Cultivation Mushroom.
  21. Sliver Waste.

2, Raw Cotton.

All types of Raw Cotton are given as under;
1- 1503
2- 1467

3, Cotton Linter.


All types of Original Cotton Linter from Solvent Plant are given as under;
1- Original Cotton Linter 1st Cut.
2- Original Cotton Linter 2nd Cut.
3- Original Cotton Linter 3rd Cut.

4, Cotton Yarn.

5, Cotton Seeds.

6, Rice.


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