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Pakistan Workshop 2013 Schedule


16.00-18.00 Reception

18.00-22.00 Dinner at the Rook How


9.15-11.30 - Chair: Pnina Werbner

Alia Qaim - The conflict in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan

Martin Sökefeld - A province, finally? Gilgit-Baltistan after the 2009 reforms

Iftikhar Zaidi - Empires and Borders: How Pakistan has been shaped by its neighbours.

11.30-11.45 coffee break

11.45-13.15 - Chair: Stephen Lyon

Pippa Virdee - Hidden from society: exploring the veil in Pakistani history

Marzia Balzani - Ahmadi women, institutional organization and female authority

13.15-14.15 lunch

14.15-15.30 Walk

15.30-18.30 - Chair: Martin Sökefeld

Fiaz Ahmed - Being British Muslim: Making Muslim Political Space

Bilal Gilani - Social Remittances and Pakistani Diaspora in Britain

Mariam Abou Zahab - Pukhtuns in the Arab Gulf Emirates

Pnina Werbner - Between Ethnography and Hagiography: a Critical Evaluation of Dialogical and Polyphonic Modes of Representation.

19.30-23.00 Dinner


9.00-10.30 - Chair: David Henig

Aurang Zeb Mughal - Saraiki in Punjab and Punjab of Saraikis

Stephen Lyon - Shocks to the System: Islamic Law and Land Inheritance in Punjab, Pakistan

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-12.30 - Aurang Zeb Mughal

Sana Haroon - The Internet, and the Formulation of the Past in Pakistan: The many renditions of the silsilatus zahab

Ayaz Qureshi - Devolution of powers to the provinces under the 18th constitutional amendment: implications for the prevention of HIV in Pakistan.  

12.30-13.00 AGM

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-14.30 Clean up